Ep 35: "The Ultimate Guide to Using Social Media in Business the Right Way" w/ Mitch Jackson

Ep 35: "The Ultimate Guide to Using Social Media in Business the Right Way" w/ Mitch Jackson

Understanding how to successfully use social media is crucial to creating and growing a successful business. In this episode, Mitch Jackson joins us to discuss the power of social networking, and how it can help one market a business and gain influence, and establish meaningful relationships through referrals. He gives personal experience on how he used these strategies to create his book, and shares some of the ideas discussed in it.

Ep. 34 "Newshacking and PR for Small Businesses" w/ Wayne Pollock

Utilizing his background in public relations and law, Wayne Pollock founded Copo Strategies in 2016, a unique professional services firm that provides a unique blend of PR services and legal counsel for attorneys and their firms.

With social media marketing all the rage these days, it is easy to overlook traditional media sources like TV and Radio as marketing options for small businesses. In this episode, Wayne uses his experience in the PR field to teach us ways to get free news and TV coverage for your small business and how to use that attention to grow your business exponentially.

Website: https://www.copostrategies.com/home

Phone number: 215.454.2180

Email: letschat@copostrategies.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CopoStrategies/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/copo-strategies

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo_HDI1-CbzbAuczW0XywYA

Ep. 18: "Reviving a Vintage Brand with a Kickstarter Campaign"

In this episode, Michael Grace, of Eagle Cap-Off discusses how he and his partner used a Kickstarter campaign to revive an vintage product they loved.  Mike talks about the process of getting the company up and running and some best practices for a success campaign.